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Jan 082018

Rima JCongratulations to Rima Janusziewicz, who successfully defended her dissertation on November 29th! Janusziewicz’s research centered on fundamentally understanding the fabrication mechanism and factors of resolution of the novel 3D printing platform, CLIP. Her dissertation, “Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) for the Fabrication of Porous Architected Structures,” focused on the development and characterization of progressively smaller porous lattices and their application toward biological scaffolds and chromatography columns. The continuous and layerless nature of the CLIP process yielded structures with tunable resolution through parameters such as light intensity, build rate, and pore geometry.

Janusziewicz’s work has been published in top journals including Science and PNAS. Additionally, three patents have been filed based on her research.

In her career, Janusziewicz aims to pursue research and entrepreneurial opportunities at the interface of materials science and technology.

 January 8, 2018