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Nov 292017

Jason_Coffman_2014Congratulations to Jason Coffman, who successfully defended his dissertation on September 25th! Coffman’s dissertation focused on developing a covalently attached particulate subunit vaccine platform targeting the dengue virus. Particulate subunit vaccines attach a piece (subunit) of a pathogen to a nanoparticle, giving it the shape and size of the original pathogen while maintaining a strong safety profile unlike traditional live vaccine platforms. Particulate formulations often enhance the immune response to subunit vaccines and provide the potential to manipulate antigen display. Multiple particle and conjugation parameters were optimized to create a particulate platform displaying Dengue E subunits on the surface, which induced a strong specific response and can be expanded upon.

In his career, Coffman plans to pursue opportunities in the areas of biotech process development and regulations.

 November 29, 2017