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Mar 302016

Ashley Johnson_March2016Congratulations to Ashley Johnson, who successfully defended her dissertation on March 21st! Johnson’s research aimed at the development of biocompatible microneedle devices, arrays of micron-sized projections that pierce the skin to painlessly administer drugs. Her dissertation, “Continuous Liquid Interface Production of Microneedles for Transdermal Drug Delivery,” focused on the fabrication of these devices with Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP), a new 3D printing technique developed by Carbon3D, Inc. The fabrication process allows for unprecedented control over microneedle geometry, with the potential to improve therapeutic outcomes through more precise device design.

Johnson’s research has been featured in Science Magazine, on NPR’s Science Friday, and in the Daily Tar Heel. She is a recipient of UNC’s 2016 Impact Award.

Johnson has accepted a Senior Scientist position in the Exploratory Products and Technology Group at Merck Laboratories in Landsdale, PA.

 March 30, 2016