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Mar 292016

Tojan Rahhal_Sch of Pharm photo_2015_crop w creditCongratulations to Tojan Rahhal, who successfully defended her dissertation on March 21st! Rahhal’s dissertation, “Engineering PRINT Particles for Pulmonary Delivery of Therapeutics,” focused on the effect of particle parameters (size, shape, composition, and surface chemistry) on residence time, cellular interactions, and immune responses in the lungs. Her work addresses the need for more efficient delivery of active therapeutics/biologics using dry powders that allow for monodisperse aerosolization and accurate deposition in the lungs for treatment of pulmonary diseases.

Rahhal’s work has been published in Molecular Pharmaceutics and Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine.

In addition to research, Rahhal’s future plans include continuing her involvement in outreach efforts, groups focused on women in science, and cross-cultural leadership development.

 March 29, 2016