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May 092013
1 TED2015: 3D printing 100x faster!
DeSimone discusses the new CLIP technology and demonstrates it on the TED stage
2 The PRINT Platform
A nanoparticle engineering and manufacturing technology
3 TEDxUNC Diversity Talk
DeSimone Discusses Diversity as a Fundamental Tenet of Innovation
4 TEDMED Talk 2011
DeSimone discusses medical applications of the PRINT technology
Short question & answer session following the TEDMED lecture
6 James Moeser Interviews DeSimone
Good to Great at Carolina
7 Sigma Xi Interview
Sigma Xi interview with Joseph DeSimone
8 Strengthening Our Economy through Science & Technology
DeSimone speaks at the 2013 North Carolina Science Summit


 May 9, 2013
May 082013
1 UNC Department of Chemistry
Main website for the Chemistry Department at UNC
2 NCSU Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Departments at NC State University
3 UNC Institute for Advanced Materials, Nanoscience & Technology
The newly established Institute for Advanced Materials, Nanoscience and Technology (IAM) is an interdisciplinary endeavor, coordinating research efforts across the internationally recognized strengths of UNC-Chapel Hill in polymer science, nanomaterials, and nanobiosciences-areas critical to our future economy.
4 Liquidia Technologies
Liquidia Technologies is developing highly precise particle-based vaccines and therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of human disease. The company was co-founded in 2004 by Prof. DeSimone and is located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
5 UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
The UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center is part of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Center faculty treat cancer patients, conduct research into the causes of cancer, develop and direct statewide programs in cancer prevention and train future physicians, nurses, scientists, and public health professionals.
6 Blog: Tom Tritton on Diversity and Innovation
Tom Tritton, President of the Chemical Heritage Foundation, blogs about diversity and innovation after Professor DeSimone’s Ullyot Public Affairs Lecture in 2009.
7 Carolina Institute for Nanomedicine
Established in 2010, the Carolina Institute for NanoMedicine (CINM) supports multidisciplinary nanotechnology research among investigators from variety of backgrounds including the College of Arts & Sciences, UNC’s Eshelman School of Pharmacy, UNC’s School of Medicine.
8 UNC School of Pharmacy
9 Carolina Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence
The Carolina Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (CCNE) is an NCI-funded collaboration between the University of North Carolina and the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Carolina CCNE’s major goal is the design of innovative, multifunctional nanodevices, which are tested in sophisticated mouse models of human cancer, with the ultimate intent of translation to the clinic.
10 UNC Department of Pharmacology
11 The Institute for Broadening Participation: Pathways to Science supports pathways to the STEM fields: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, with emphasis on connecting underrepresented groups with STEM programs, funding, mentoring and resources. The Institute for Broadening Participation (IBP) is a non-profit that designs and implements strategies to increase access to STEM education and careers for diverse underrepresented groups.
12 Paper: “30 Years After Bayh-Dole: Reassessing Academic Entrepreneurship” 
This April 2011 paper focuses on academic entrepreneurship and the role universities play in commercializing research. The authors cite UNC’s Carolina Express License Agreement as “the boldest” initiative of its kind to foster entrepreneurship in the academic setting.
13 NSFSTC for Environmentally Responsible Solvents & Processes
14 Center for Macromolecular Science and Engineering at the University of Florida
The Center for Macromolecular Science and Engineering promotes interdisciplinary collaboration in the polymer science and engineering program at the University of Florida and serves as a conduit between industry, government and UF. The Center stresses a fundamental approach in its research while seeking solutions to practical problems.
15 The EngineerGirl website, a service of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), brings national attention to the exciting opportunities that engineering represents for girls and women. The website grew out of the work of the NAE Committee on the Diversity of the Engineering Workforce.
16 The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Women of Color Research Network (WoCRn)
The WoCRn website is the result of efforts of the NIH Working Group on Women in Biomedical Careers to provide an instrument of outreach to women of color to assist them in navigating the NIH grants process and to receive advice on their career development.
 May 8, 2013